St. Mark's Pre-Carnival Workday
September 4, 1999

St. Mark will reach its 50th anniversary in October and to begin a year of celebration, St. Mark will reach out to the community with a giant Carnival on Saturday, September 25th on St. Mark's grounds.

To stage an event this large requires many hours of hard work by many dedicated volunteers.

On Saturday, September 4th, approximately 20 volunteers gathered to build many of the games that will be used at the carnival.

In addition, some work was completed on the outdoors, although one member had to perform hand-to-hand combat with the dreaded Bermuda Grass Snake. For those not easily shaken, you can see the results here.

With the help of our local AAL Branch, the volunteers were able to craft many super games for kids and adults alike!

With the morning work completed, many of the workers took a well deserved lunch break. By the completion of the afternoon, many of the games had been completed, with the remainder just requiring a bit more time.

St. Mark would love to have your family join us on this very special occasion as we begin our year of celebration for the fifty years that God has blessed our congregation. For more details on the Carnival.


St. Mark offers many activities for all age groups, including Sunday worship, Bible class and Sunday School. For further information, call St. Mark at (408) 736-6605. In addition, you can find more information on our web site by clicking here!


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