St. Mark's 2013 Christmas Highlights

For St. Mark, Christmas is not a one day celebration,but a month long celebration of Christ's birth, beginninig with Wednesday evening Advent services and ending with a beautiful Christmas Day service.

A favorite of everyone is the Hanging of the Greens Advent service,the first of three Advent services, where all in attendance decorate the church for the Christmas season.

Another Christmas favorite is the Children's Christmas Service which occurs on the Sunday before Christmas. This special service tells about Christ's birth through the eyes ofchildren.

A very special service service for all is the Christmas Eve service, which is highlighted when everyone circles the church, with a candle in hand and the lights dimmed, and sings Silent Night. Christmas Eve Service

St. Mark thanks you for spending a few minutes looking at our festivity. If you are new to St. Mark, our church offers many activities for all age groups, including Sunday worship, Bible class and Sunday School. For further information, call St. Mark at (408) 736-6605. In addition, you can find more information on our web site by clicking here!

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