St. Mark's Autumn
Camping Trip Highlights
Half Moon Bay

October 5-7, 2007

St. Mark started a new tradition in 2007 by having two "annual" camping trips, with this being the autumn trip in Half Moon Bay!

Although prior years had their bouts with different weather, this year saw some exceptional winds which kept the air clear, but always made tent setup pretty interesting...a true spectator sport!

As in prior years, many hours were spent simply relaxing as this is always a great opportunity to forget the high pace of Silicon Valley less than thirty minutes away.

"So anyway, like this football just appeared out of no where...really!"

At the close of both Friday and Saturday, many took the time to stop and enjoy God's creation as the sun set into the Pacific. Both sunsets were magnificent!

Of course, the darkness was not a reason to stop having fun, with many playing card and other games. For some, glow sticks were the hit of the dark!

"Hey, what's the idea of the flash! Didn't you get the memo!!"

"Sorry...won't happen again."

Another treat is to sit around the campfire in fellowship, as the kids roasted marshmallows, cuddled with mom and dad and the adults enjoyed the stillness of the night.

On Sunday morning, brother Craig led the group in worship as we praised God for all he had given us!

Based on the theme "Offerings", Craig used 2 Corinthians 9:7 for his message. One could not have had a more beautiful setting to worship God's greatness.

With Worship over, it was time to begin packing and getting ready for the return trip home.

However, for many of the kids it also meant the opportunity for one more trip down to the beach as the weather was perfect, even though the water was cold!

Camping Trip Highlights

With the trip ending, we could all look at God's wonderful creation: the birds, the beautiful clear sky, the crashing of the waves, everything a gift from our Creator.

Nature Highlights

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