St. Mark's
Camping Trip Highlights
Big Basin Park

June 22-24, 2007

With a break from the tradition of an "annual" church camping trip, St. Mark planned two trips this year, with the first being June 22-24, 2007 at Big Basin National Park. Near Boulder Creek, this was a beautiful setting among the redwoods.

With spectacular weather, the 30+ campers, and some Saturday visitors from church, enjoyed God's unbelievable creation.

Without the crashing waves as a constant background sound, as with our beach camping trips, the silence among the tall trees was a pleasant change from the noise of the Silicon Valley.

After a restful sleep, the morning air was filled with breakfasts from the many campsites. Many wandered from site to site, to sample the variety of breakfasts.

Of course, some took a little bit closer look at what they were cooking, not quite trusting what may have snuck into their cooler during the night!

One option Big Basin offers is the chance to hike many trails of varying length and difficulty. After the Saturday breakfast, many setoff for a 2.5 mile round trip to one of the park's water falls.

After a comfortable hike, the group safely arrived to their destination, with some returning to camp and others continuing on.

God blessed everyone over the weekend with no one getting lost or injured, although there were undoubtedly many sore muscles on Monday!

When not hiking, a favorite activity were different games with cards and Scrabble being the favorites.

Of course, what would a camping trip be without fellowship around the campfire roasting marshmallows!

Although the weather didn't require a fire as the temperatures were mild, the campfire was kept alive for a good portion of the day for cooking and making snores.

For many, fellowship around the campsites was a great chance to relax and share stories.

A new activity that is sure to continue at future camping trips, is "geocaching." This involves searching for "treasures" that others have left, with few clues, other than a set of coordinates being given.

On Saturday afternoon and adventuresome group decided to hike to the summit to find a treasure.

Although missing the "shorter" trail, the group after several hours made it to the summit where they found the box. Leaving a St. Mark entry in the log, the group took a locator from the box that the youth will leave at a geocache in Florida on their July trip.

Although strenuous at times, the hike was worth the trip!

On Sunday morning, Trev and Russ led the group in a Bible devotion after which everyone packed and headed home.

We thank God for this opportunity to explore His wonderful creation, to relax and to spend time with each other.

Camping Trip Highlights


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