St. Mark's
Camping Trip Highlights
New Brighton Beach

October 9-11, 2009

Nestled in the trees by the beach near Capitola, California, St. Mark enjoyed its annual camping trip with 30+ joining in the fun and respite from the hectic pace of Silicon Valley.

Although the weather was overcast for most of the weekend.. failed to dampen the quiet relaxation of St. Mark's campers.

With the daytime spent in fellowship or hiking the beaches or into Capitola, the evenings were spent around the camp fire, playing Scrabble...

...or a friendly game of cards. Although the games were friendly, they certainly did not lack in competitiveness. Weren't we supposed to be relaxing.

As with all our camping trips, it is a wonderful experience to be surrounded by God's wonderful creation as it presented itself in the form of trees, the ocean and beautiful wildlife!

Camping Trip Highlights


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