St. Mark's
Annual Camping Trip at
Half Moon Bay

September 09-11, 2005

St. Mark enjoyed another wonderful weekend of fellowship as it enjoyed it's annual camping trip.

As with prior years, the camping trip was held at Half Moon Bay.

Since our last visit there, several changes to the campsite had occurred making the stay a little bit better.

The weather prediction was for cool temps and overcast the whole weekend. The cool temps were certainly evident on Friday evening as the fog moved in early, along with the wind. This made for close quarter fellowship around the fire a must for everyone!!!!

Saturday morning broke with beautiful sunshine, a wonderful surprise. With the sunshine, everyone enjoyed the chance to go to the beach, go for long walks and enjoy each others fellowship.

As always, the kids (adults included) had a great time playing many different games on the large camp ground.

Along with the favorites of football and catch, kite flying made a successful debut with the afternoon wind providing all that was needed to send the kites upward.

As usual, anytime Persis and camping come together, there is always a first class game of Scrabble being played and this year was no exception!

Along with games, times at the beach and rest and relaxation, another favorite pastime is the great food that is prepared.

On Saturday night, we had our main meal where everyone provides one item for sharing and also prepares their own main course.

The food was super and was only surpassed by the fellowship that went with it.

As Saturday ended and we looked back on the time spent together, many gave thanks for all the wonderful things that God has given to us: Friends, His creation, food and other things to sustain us.

Most importantly, God gave us Jesus, our Savior from eternal death. What a blessing to know that even with the beauty of His creation that we enjoyed, there is so much more to look forward to when we meet in heaven.

On Sunday morning, Craig led us in worship as he brought to us the importance of prayer, which is simply talking to God. What a comfort to know that God is ALWAYS there for us...all we have to do is talk to Him and He will listen.

Complete Camping Highlights


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