St. Mark's
Annual Camping Trip at Half Moon Bay

September 21-23, 2001

As traditional as a crisp autumn morning, so is St. Mark's annual camping pilgrimage to Half Moon Bay, California. With 50 St. Mark members and friends participating, the annual event is always a great opportunity for rest, relaxation and a chance to experience God in His creation

With the arrival of campers, the first task is to setup camp.

Setup Highlights.

Of course, what would a weekend campout be without lots of good food and snacks.

Check-Out the Meals !



With the setting of the sun, comes the quiet of the evening. As the campsite is close to the beach, one can spend quite a bit of time simply listening to the waves crash against the surf and return again to the ocean.

Evening Highlights!

With a good nights sleep and a breakfast eaten, the whole day is set for relaxation and fun.

Fun and Play Highlights!


One of the great enjoyments of camping out is the opportunity to experience many of God's creations and to worship Him.

Worship Highlights!


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