St. Mark's 1998 Camping Trip

For many years, a highlight of St. Mark's annual activities is their summer camping trip to either the mountains or the beach. Although this year's trip nearly made the autumn timeframe, it was thoroughly enjoyed by the fifty plus who camped at Half Moon Bay for the weekend.

The following are highlights from the September 11th through 13th camping trip.

Although the trip is a great time for adults to relax from the stresses of life (although many first timers would argue setting up a tent for the first time is also a bit stressful!), a highlight of the trip is sit back and watch the children enjoy themselves as they explore all of God's creation or to participate with the future Mark McGuire's!


With any expenditure of energy, there has to be the refreshing of the body with food and refreshments, as evidenced by these hungry campers. The Saturday meal was shared amongst everyone as we enjoyed each others specialties.


Having enjoyed God's creations during the weekend, the campers then praised God in an outdoor worship on Sunday morning, which included the celebration of Holy Communion!


The message was based on John 9:1-12, which is the story of Christ's miracle where he restored the blind man's sight by making mud from His spit, placing the mud on the man's eyes and asking him to wash the mud from his eyes at the Pool of Siloam.

To add meaning to the message, Pastor Rod divided the group into pairs, with one leading the other, whose eyes were closed, about the camp. This demonstrated trust by the one who was being led and demonstrated the difficulty in getting around.

With the completion of the walk, the guide made mud and rubbed some on the "blind" person's face as a symbolic gesture to what Christ did for the blind man. For all, the message and the object lesson was a highlight of the worship.


Finally, after a most active weekend, one young camper had the best idea of all!



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