St. Mark Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies
Sunday Morning at 8:45am

Join Jim for "The Story" in Room 5 on Sunday mornings.

Sunday Morning Youth Bible Study

Kids of all ages are currently studying, "The Story", so please join this wonderful study, beginning at 8:45pm on Sunday morning.

Monday Night Women's Bible Study

The women are also studying "The Story", meeting in Room 5 at 6:30PM. For information on the women's study, you may contact the church office at (408) 736-6605 or contact Doris!

Tuesday Morning Men's
Bible Study

The Men's study is also on "The Story". The study is held at St. Mark in Room 5 Tuesday mornings at 6:30am. Coffee is provided.

For further information please contact Glenn.

Email Bible Study

E-DiBS stands for "Electronic Daily Individual Bible Study" and is a weekday Bible study that includes video and a copy of the daily study delivered to your email address. This innovative method for Bible study takes approximately 8-10 minutes to complete and offers an alternative method of studying that can be easily passed to others by simply forwarding your email.

For Additional E-DiBS Information and Signup!

Sample Lesson - Today's Study


Five Minutes a Day

We often make New Year's Resolutions to exercise our physical bodies, but how often do we make resolutions to exercise our spiritual lives? Resolve to set aside just 5 minutes each day to read the Bible and you will read through the entire New Testament in 2007!

Don't do it for the sake of doing it, but pray that God would speak to you through His Word, then meditate upon it, underline passages, make notes, and memorize verses. God is faithful and He will bless you and strengthen your faith through it! The daily readings are printed each week in the bulletin and in the monthly newsletter.


Why Read the Bible?
A short tract by Paul H. Meyer on why one should Read the Bible.

New Testament in a Year!

January July
February August
March September
April October
May November
June December

Old and New Testament in a Year!

January July
February August
March September
April October
May November
June December

" have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus." --2 Timothy 3:15


Online Opportunities to Study the Word

The internet contains many sites that provide excellent scriptural references. The following are a few: Sends a daily Bible verse to your email account Allows Bible passage searches in multiple translations and languages Daily story, commentary on every day life situations

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