Welcome to St. Mark

St. Mark prays that you will take the opportunity to visit our church and join us in fellowship and our joyous worship of our risen Lord. To better acquaint you with St. Mark, prior to your first visit or to clarify certain items after your first visit, the following questions are answered:

Where is St. Mark located and how do I get there?

St. Mark is located at:

125 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Office Phone: (408) 736-6605
Office FAX: (408) 736-7105
Office Hours: 9:00am to 1:30pm, Daily

Directions to St. Mark

What time is Sunday School and Church?
Sunday School
Bible Class:
Does St. Mark have greeters to meet me upon my arrival?

St. Mark has greeters at both doors of the church to welcome you to our worship. They may also hand you a worship bulletins, which contains the directions for the day's worship.

If you have any questions about the service, such as communion or our church's beliefs, the greeters can direct you to an elder or to pastor.

Does St. Mark have an easy order of worship and how does one follow it? 

St. Mark has an Order of Worship, which is contained within the worship bulletin or as a handout with the bulletin. The worship is somewhat liturgical, although not greatly so. At this time, St. Mark is also working on a contemporary order of worship, which is sometimes used.

How long does the worship service and the sermon last? 

A non-communion service typically lasts one hour, with a service containing Holy Communion lasting fifteen minutes longer.

Will I be singled out as a guest?

St. Mark does not specifically point out guests as a part of the service, but we do make an effort to greet all guests and welcome them to St. Mark. We also provide our guests with the opportunity to leave their contact information, if they wish.

What is St. Mark's Holy Communion belief and are guests welcomed at the Lord's Table. 

For those that wish to partake of the Lord's Supper at St. Mark, we feel a scriptural-founded stewardship responsibility. Before taking Holy Communion at St. Mark for the first time, we ask that you discuss your communion beliefs with either the Pastor or an Elder.

In addition, we ask that you prepare for Holy Communion by asking yourself the following questions, which provides the communion foundation for St. Mark. May your answers be a resounding "Yes"

  1. Do I believe that I am a sinful human being without hope of eternal life except by God's mercy in Christ?
  2. Do I believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son and my personal Savior?
  3. Do I believe that He is personally present in the Sacrament of Holy Communion with His Body and Blood?
  4. Do I hope by the power of the Holy Spirit to live a Godly life?

For those that are interested in Junior and Adult Confirmation classes as preparation for Holy Communion, please speak to Pastor or an Elder so that you can enroll in a class.

What kind of hymns do you sing and what instruments are used?

St. Mark primarily uses hymns from the Lutheran Hymnal (2006), although we frequently sing other hymns that are not contained in the hymnal, with the organ being the primary instrument.

St. Mark also has a contemporary service on the second and fourth Sundays. At these services, a variety of instruments are used, including a keyboard, drums, guitar and bass guitar.

Is there a nursery or other activities for small children?

St. Mark provides a nursery for small children during the worship service, although St. Mark encourages parents to always bring their children to the service as Christ welcomed all into his arms. In fact, St. Mark has a special Children's Message each Sunday during the worship service.

St. Mark also provides a Sunday School at 8:45am for those 3 years and older. Activities typically include singing, Bible stories and crafts.

Will you be expected to give money?

St. Mark does not require anyone to give money for participating in the worship. An offering plate is passed after the sermon, at which time you may give as Christ motivates you. All offerings are appreciated by St. Mark as it helps to further Christ's ministry at St. Mark


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